vSide House of Designs or vHD for short, is a store on vSide exclusivley for user made items. Everything from tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, costumes, and hair can be found here. The store is located in the city of LaGenoaAires and replaced an empty un used gallary space within the city next to the subway entrance. There is a runway located on the bottom level of the shop and its backstage area leads you to part of vSide's LGA Secret to complete the overall vSide Secret.


The vHD started out as a small space where Doppelganger staff held a favorite song T-Shirt design contest. Where the users who had one submitted a shirt design for their favorite song in both Male and Female styles.

Success Post Doppleganger OwnershipEdit

Despite ExitReality's lack of care and attention for vSide and it's development, users who had played vSide under DG that had become staff during the later years of DG and new ownership of ER oversaw many competetions for users to design vHD clothing. Many of vSides later updates were souly for vHD clothing releases.