Welcome to the original vSide Wiki, The vSideclopedia. Were pretty sure you know what this website is about but if you're not to sure about what it is, (even if there is a "clopedia" at the end of the name) then please read on..

vSideclopedia is a web based encyclopedia based on the emmersive virtual world called vSide. We aim to write about most of everything in vSide in the form of articles, and just so we have it all, we give the community the right to edit these articles. Whats that you ask? Why wiki and not the usual fan site? But I'll ask you right back why not? The technology media wiki offers is the easiest way to build a database in both administrative ways and viewing ways.

vSideclopedia International International Edit

vSide is a big community, an national community, infact an international community! So we want everyone to be able to view our articles. If anyone is willing to translate articles (french, spanish, ect..) were encouraging it. If you are willing to translate even ONE article it makes the difference.

The Difference Between Guides and vSideclopedia Forumguidebadge Edit

Guides are there in vSide to help the average user, therefore were not guides because were not "there" were "here" you get me? No im not saying our community is completely GUIDE free, im saying were not a GUIDE group.

The Difference Between Tech Experts and vSideclopedia Forumtechhelpbadge Edit

You may have heard of the new vSide user badge called "Tech Experts", it was added Sept. 5th, 2008. Same thing goes here, if were not "there" were not "that", this is not a Tech Website.

Crystal Ball? No Be sure about the facts

Dont predict what you dont know, if there is a fact based upcoming feature or release that you want to write about make sure you have the facts down. Usually Alpha users would have better knowledge about anything upcoming, and if your not one of these users you might want to check it with one or not bother to write it at all. ALL pages are viewed by administrators!

Magic wont happen here, suggestions are forbidden

Obviously, we cant pop up a feature in vSide, so if you want to suggest something about vSide itself, go to the vSide Forums and do so. If you would like to make a suggestion to vSide Wiki, then the skys the limit, you can even do it yourself (nothing administrative).

vSide not vLes Edit

vLes is a similar virtual world, so similar you would think it was a part 2 to vSide. However it is ran by 2 completely differenct company's, MTV is vles and Doppelganger is vSide. But if you're into vLes, that wiki is coming soon.

Fighting on the wiki

I love a good fight--- I mean fights are unacceptable on this site, writing an article about another user is considered vandalism, especially if its negative, do not bring your personal baggage into this flight