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Tyra Studio on vSide

The Tyra Studio, was a venue in NewVenezia on vSide based off of the real studio for the Tyra Banks Show. The space also had a store where users could by Tyra show t-shirts designed by users. The Studio was very popular for vSide users to host events in public spaces. Tyra Banks herself made several appearances in her studio and a segment was filmed in it for an actual episode of the Tyra Banks Show about the internet.

Tyra Show and StudioEdit

Tyra Bank's became a promenent celebrity on vSide during the Doppelganger years. Many vSide users attended events in her very own virtual studio. vSide was also featured on her talk show.

vSide users waiting for a Tyra event to start

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Tyra on vSide for her internet segment on the actual Tyra Banks Show.

vSide on the Real Tyra Banks ShowEdit

vSide was featured on Tyra Bank's actual daytime talk show. The segment was about the internet and many vside users participated in this as being members of the virtual audience. 

Usermade Tyra Clothing ShopEdit

Shirt contests were held for the Tyra Studio and the winnders clothing was then featured in a shop within the Tyra Studio. When the Tyra Studio was removed from vSide, any users who owned the shirts from this venue still had them in their inventory, making them one of a kind and rare.

Some of the usermade shirts for the Tyra Studio

Closing & AftermathEdit

When the Tyra Studio was removed from vSide, the space itself has never been replaced with something else. It now sits in NewVenezia off from the Evil Twin shops as a empty space.