The Dot Grill of LaGenoaAires is Store and Venue based off of The Dot Grill on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. It also hosts as the lobby for the Dot Dorm living spaces. 


Much like the actual Dot Grill in Degrassi, the Dot Grill of vSide is ran by Spinner Mason. Unlike the real character, vSide's Spinner is Merely a bot that also answers weekley trivia. The Dot Grill store sells a variety of Degrassi clothing.

Venue SpaceEdit

The Dot Grill also offers a nice seating space that is often used by vSiders to hang out and host smaller events. The Dot Grill is also the focal point for when actual Castmembers of Degrassi would come on vSide for radio events.