vSide has many secrets within each of its worlds, including Gateway! Most secrets will give you vpoints, but some don't. Some secret ares just happen to be hidden and cool, like that tall building in LGA right next to the Sky Bar. For me, it was so much fun looking for these secrets and afterwards looking for more even though people kept telling me there were no more. And I don't care if you get vpoints or not, It's just cool to me. ;)

I'll have the secrets on here soon!

Video GuidesEdit

Some YouTube users have provided adequate guides that may prove useful to you. They are provided below.

BlackMarketJack - LaGenoaAires03:30

BlackMarketJack - LaGenoaAires

NOTE: Does not display all of them.

BlackMarketJack - RaiJuku02:55

BlackMarketJack - RaiJuku

NOTE: May not show all locations.

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